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About Recording

On November 15, 2006, during the reception on the occasion of the Independence Day of Poland that held The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ankara, “Chopin Songs” concert also took place. At the concert soprano Esra Abacıoğlu Akcan, one of the soloists of Ankara State Opera and Ballet, performed accompanied on piano by Maria Nowotna. The album of those songs recorded in Wend-Lung Studio in Vienna on 5-12 February, 2006, entitled “Chopin Songs”, meet the audience. Frederic Chopin, ever accepted as the best piano composer in music history, did not published some scripts in good health and wished all his unfinished pieces should be burned after his death. Contrary to his wish, the artist’s songs that are considered to marginal compared to his well-known piano and concert works became recognized after over 100 years of composition, thanks to perfect performance and recording.

The lyrics of Chopin Songs, sang by Abacıoğlu, are belong to the names like Stefan Witwicki, Adam Mickiewicz, Bohdan Zaleski, Wincenty Pol and Zigmunt Krasinski. The opening song is a Lithuanian Folk song, prepared 3 different languages; Turkish, English and Polish. The detailed article of CD booklet written by Prof. Irena Poniatowska forms a useful preface about Chopin’s art and songs. Chopin Songs Album, with 17 naïve songs are performed by Abacıoğlu accompanied by pianist Maria Nowotna contributes to recognition of Chopin’s songs rather well-known typically piano compositions in Turkey.

Recording Details

1 Piosnka Litewska/ Litvanya Şarkısı/ Lithuanian Song 02:49
2 Wiosna / Bahar / Spring 03:06
3 Życzenie/ Dilek/ The Wish 01:57
4 Hulanka / Alem / Merrymaking 02:31
5 Gdzie Lubi / Nereyi Sever / What She Likes 01:42
6 Poseł/ Ulak/ The Messenger 02:54
7 Smutna Rzeka/ Kederli Nehir/ The Sad River 03:15
8 Narzeczony/ Nişanlı/ The Bridegroom 02:25
9 Wojak/ Asker/ The Warrior 02:34
10 Pierścień/ Yüzük/ The Ring 01:51
11 Precz z Moich Oczu/ Yıkıl Git Karşımdan/ Out Of My Sight 03:15
12 Moja Piesczotka / Sevdiğim / My Darling 02:21
13 Śliczny Chłopiec/ Güzel Delikanlı/ Handsome Lad 02:47
14 Dwojaki Koniec/ Ayrı Oldu Sonları/ The Double End 02:20
15 Nie ma Czego Trzeba/ İhtiyacım Olandan Mahrumum 06:04
16 Śpiew z Mogiłki/ Makberden Söylenen Şarkı 05:45
17 Melodia/ Melodi/ Melody 02:47


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